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Development Path

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Year 1994

Shunde Junan Magnetic Door Seal Factory (the predecessor of Anhe Magnetic Products Co., Ltd.) was established

Year 1997

Ssangyong Wire and Cable Material Factory (the predecessor of Anke Plastic Electric Co., Ltd.) was established
Year 1998
Become a qualified supplier of Electrolux Electric Company
Year 1998
Shun'an Magnetic Plastic Co., Ltd. was established
Year 1999
Become a qualified supplier of Meiling Electric Company
December 2000
Awarded "Technical Support Award" by Electrolux Electric (China) Company
February 2001
Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification at one time
End of 2001
Become a qualified supplier of China Refrigerator Industry Co., Ltd. (Hualing), and successfully developed the first soft and hard co-extruded refrigerator door seal in China
Early 2002
Soft and hard co-extruded door seals have been mass-produced and obtained patents for use
End of 2002
Anhe Enterprise Co., Ltd. was established, with subsidiaries Anhe Magnetic Products Co., Ltd., Anke Plastic Electric Appliance Co., Ltd., and Shun'an Magnetic Plastic Co., Ltd.
End of 2004
Became a qualified supplier of Electrolux refrigerator factory in Australia, and defeated ReHau, the world's largest refrigerator door seal manufacturer, and became the exclusive supplier so far, and became the global production base of Electrolux refrigerator door seals.
Early 2005
Became a qualified supplier of refrigerator door seals for Toshiba Electric Co., Ltd., and then became the exclusive supplier of Toshiba refrigerator door seals.
May 2007
Become a qualified supplier of refrigerator door seals for Matsushita Electric (Philippines) factory in Japan
May 2008
American Walmart purchases magnetic writing boards produced by our company
December 2008
The Australian Electrolux Refrigerator Factory entrusted United Industries (Asia) Co., Ltd. at the China Supplier Quality Conference held in Shenzhen. Our company was rated as the "Best Supplier" and awarded 50,000 yuan.
January 2009
Successfully developed China's first TPE thermoplastic elastomer halogen-free refrigerator door seal, its product performance and technical standards have reached the international advanced level, and applied for an invention patent
March 2009
Started to export TPE thermoplastic elastomer refrigerator door seals in large quantities to Electrolux refrigerator factory in Australia
March 2009
Toy rus, the world’s largest toy retailer, visited our company, intending to purchase our company’s magnetic products


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